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So, I wanted you to know what I have experienced - and more than anything, I want to say THANK YOU so VERY much, I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made to me. I have been able to reduce the medication for pain that I was on by over 75% and completely came off dihydracoedine, paracetamol,Tylex, and I have been able to reduce the strength of the Fentanyl patches that I am prescribed, by 50%, from 100 mcg/hr to 50 mcg/he. This can only be better than being on so much medication for pain relief!! As a direct result of not being in so much pain, I have been able to get off antidepressants, as I am sure you can understand how being in constant pain is very debilitating and has a very negative impact on every aspect of your life. I am working with my GP, who is absolutely delighted with the way this is working for me, by the way, so that I can also try to get off the tranquilisers that I have been dependent on for over 14 years - again, a direct result of not being in constant pain. When you literally can't sleep because you hurt so much, well, it can really bring you down.


Many years of pain, loss of feeling in my hand/thumb, and feeling constantcoldness in the arm/hand, I felt that this was just something that I hadto live with - after all, I am very lucky to be alive 🙂 However, Iwanted to try to make all improvements that I could, and as a firmbeliever in complementary medicine, I thought that the benefits of using a copper bracelet/ring could only help!


In 2001, I was in a near-fatal car accident. As a result, I will be in a wheelchair for life, and parts of me are plated and screwed together,to repair shattered bones - the worst of the damage was to my left arm where both the radius and ulna were absolutely shattered. The surgeon told me that he would do the best he could to save the arm, but the long-term prospects were not good.

I recently did some damage to the tendon in my other thumb, and instead oftrying to put up with the pain while it gradually healed, and improved with physio,I simply bought another copper bracelet from you - within a week of wearing that 24/7, not only was the inflammation and pain all but gone, but more important to me, I was able to do my favourite hobby (it keeps me almost sane!) which is counted cross stitch. Holding a needle had been impossible, and I was starting to climb the walls not being able to do my stitching, because when you are limited by mobility issues, the things that you can do, and which brings so much pleasure, are even more important.


I never imagined how much it would help, though!! Firstly, the constantpain that was just part of everyday life is so much better. What is reallyextraordinary though, is the improvement in circulation - my handespecially the wrist/thumb where all the nerves are damaged, was always cold. This caused me much misery - even on a warm day. Now, since wearingthe Torque bracelet I bought, and the copper ring on my thumb (which Inever take off!) I have felt amazing changes. My hand, wrist and thumb arealways warm!! My GP who is a very good and caring man, was just totally amazed, he touched my hand and said, 'But it's so warm! I can't believeit!' He knows only too well how much that used to trouble me, and how I always had to use arm warmers and gloves (even in summer!) So we are both amazed and delighted.


Hello, I just wanted you to know how I am getting on with the copper bracelets and ring that I bought from you, as I hope that you might be interested in hearing my 'story'...

Donald Berry

Web Developer